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Cyber-security In Video Surveillance

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About UltimoHD

UltimoHD range of high definition IP video surveillance technology is integrated with advanced Cybersecurity technology from Trendmicro which reduces the possibility of a cybersecurity vulnerability or virus attack in today’s highly connected world. Our professionally curated range of full ONVIF compliance HD CCTV Cameras, Network Video Recorders ( NVR ), Video Management System ( VMS ), Video Surveillance Optimized Storage System and Deep Learning Surveillance AI coupled with our in house cabling and maintenance specialized team provides the best in class CCTV Video Surveillance Solution for mid to large scale commercial and industrial businesses in Singapore.

Cybersecurity Management Solution

Cyberattacks are part of network computing devices ‘ current atmosphere. Because of this fact, UltimoHD is promoting industry best practices to reduce vulnerabilities to safety in our products.

Collaborating in Cyber Protection

Together with industry-leading cybersecurity software partners, UltimoHD focuses on creating network security products and software that meet industry protocols as well as constantly developing shields to enhance your protection from various cyber-attacks. Users can experience not only high-quality products but also more secure network environments by choosing UltimoHD solutions.

Alliance with Trend Micro Cyber-security

UltimoHD is the world’s first manufacturer of network surveillance solutions to cooperate with Trend Micro, the world-renowned cybersecurity company. UltimoHD provides high security and comprehensive network monitoring to secure lives and protect information via network cameras armed with Trend Micro’s anti-intrusion technology.

Cyber Protection in All Devices

Multi-layer IoT Protection with Trend Micro

With the new signature enhancements, multi-layer security including Brute Force Attack Detection, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, and Instant Damage Control instantly secures the network system.

Fast Alerts Cyber-security Alarm Control

When incident alerts have been set up in network cameras and VAST VMS, the monitoring system from UltimoHD will be alerted automatically when cyber attacks occur.

Interactive Dashboard Cyber Risk Report

Quickly know the pattern and status of the attack and acquire data on the attack to diagnose your network on VAST VMS and NVRs of UltimoHD promptly.

Instant Event Notifications

Brute Force Attack Events

If brute force attacks are detected by the program, security function will automatically be triggered to block the IP address and prevent further attacks.

Cyber attack Events

When the system detects any cyber security threats other than Brute Force Threats, a defense mechanism will automatically be triggered to block the IP address and avoid further attacks.

Quarantine Events

If any unusual access is detected inside the camera (such as suspicious link from the camera to malicious IP address), the device will quarantine the actions of the attack to prevent further damage.

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    UltimoHD range of high definition IP video surveillance technology is integrated with advanced Cybersecurity technology.

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